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The Trials of Saint Patrick

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Augustine Institute Radio Theatre presents the audio drama The Trials of Saint Patrick - an epic story of one man's spiritual odyssey through hardship and loss, mercy, and forgiveness. Dramatized with a fresh boldness by the Augustine Institute Radio Theatre, the characters will come alive through the talents of dozens of accomplished, award-winning actors including John Rhys-Davies, combined with cinematic sound and music. Your imagination will be quickened. Your heart will be inspired. Cast includes: Elder Patrick - John Rhys-Davies; Patrick - Seán T. Ó Meallaigh; Festus - Guy Siner; Bishop Jerome - Richard Syms; Deacon Acacius - David Oakley; Sophie - Jade Williams; Dominic - Daniel Philpott; Victor - Ian Cullen; Miliucc - Stephen Greif; Drust - Elizabeth Counsell; Kadri - Chris Emmett; Anna - Dame Siân Phillips; Dichu - David Simeon; Nechthan - Nick Burnell; Bricius - Howard Stableford; Tertius - Patrick Kennedy; Honoratus - Robert Young; Patricius - Louis Philpott; Calpurnius - Julian Wadham; Lochru/Laurentius - Simon Treves; Trolius/Pirate Slaver - Michael Haughey; Bishop Amator - Richard Gibson; Germanus - Gary Whelan; Seanmathair - Cecily O'Neill; Fith - Michael Shea; Lomma - Hamish Clark; Marcus - Harry Gostelow; Fortchern - Joe Rachman; Fergus - Tom Chenhall; Diarmaid - John Fagan; Fedilmid - Dominic Hecht; Scoth Noe - Amaka Okafor; King Laoghaire - Niall Buggy; Queen Angias/Village Woman - Christina Walker; Lucet Mael - Ian McNeice; Palladius - Philip Sherlock; Brig the Beggar Woman - Susie Brann; Brian - Gerard McCarthy; Raith - Peter Moreton, Gary Martin; Auxilius - Sam Woolf; Secundinus - Robert Benfield; Rogatus - Andrew Harrison; Elder Tertius - Hugh Fraser; Dega the Restrainer/Pirate Slaver - Tom Alexander; Macc Cormac - Theo Maggs. Additional voice talents include Emma Flett, Sallyanne Law, Stuart Pendred, Mark Prentice, and Andrew Williams.

©2017 The Augustine Institute (P)2017 The Augustine Institute

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Hospitality and Homicide

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A visit to the serene coastal town of South Cove, California, could make anybody feel refreshed and inspired. But as Jill Gardner - owner of Coffee, Books, and More - discovers, some folks won't live to tell about it.... Mystery author Nathan Pike checked into South Cove Bed & Breakfast to compose a compelling novel, not commit murder. But things get real when a rival B & B owner ends up exactly like the victim in his draft - undeniably dead. As Nathan prepares to complete his magnum opus behind bars, Jill's the only one who can prove his innocence and deconstruct the plot of a twisted killer.

©2017 Lynn Cahoon (P)2017 Tantor

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Truth & Life Dramatized Audio Bible: New Testament


A full-cast performance of the RSV-CE. Voiced by internationally renowned actors. Original music score and sound effects.

©2010 Carl Amari and Pope Benedict, XVI (P)2020 Oasis Audio

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The Word of God Audio Bible


A full-cast performance of the RSV-CE Voiced by internationally renowned actors Original music score and sound effects

Public Domain (P)2013 Carl Amari

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The Purity Code


Remaining pure in body, mind, eyes, and heart could be the most difficult thing your kids will face in their preteens and teens—and into adulthood. Jim Burns, author of the Pure Foundations series, goes beyond the printed word with this unique audio resource, designed to open a dialog between parents and their kids about healthy sexuality. Fresh content not found in the books includes advice and answers from interviews with notable youth experts Dr. John Townsend, Shannon Ethridge, Rebecca St. James, Hayley DiMarco, and others.

©2008 Jim Burns (P)2009 Bethany House

Author: Jim Burns
Length: 2 hrs and 27 mins
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