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Murder in America


Stories by Seven Renowned American mystery writers offer a delightful mix of mystery, suspense and murder in this new anthology. LUCKI DAY Author: Mary Higgins Clark, Performed by: Betsy Palmer A young bride suspects her husband is somehow involved in a strange disappearance. VAUDEVILLE Author: Whitley Strieber, Performed by: Roddy McDowall An aging vaudeville comedienne dies, but not laughing. PIRATE'S MOON Author: William F. Nolan, Performed by: Perry King A psychic working for the LAPD fails to foresee that a stone-age cannibal cult may be terrorizing the city. STARSTRUCK Author: Jon A. Breen, Performed by James Stacy A group of aging actors is still fatally haunted by the consequences of the McCarthy-era blacklist. SNOOKERED Author: Gerald Tomlinson Performed by: David Birney The story of a new breed of football coach and a team the sportswriters can't ignore. IT WAS BAD ENOUGH Author: Ron Goulart, Performed by: Arte Johnson The tragic story of a comedian trying to make his comeback who learns his ex-wife's tell-all book is about to be filmed. GEE WHIZ, MY LOVELY Author: Betty Buchanan, Performed by: Joan Rivers A bouncy private investigator is invited by a "gorgeous nut" to find an elusive figure named Harvey.

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