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The Waringham Chronicles, Volume 2: The Wheel of Fortune

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Robin has made a powerful ally in the Duke of Lancaster. But he has made powerful enemies too: not only his childhood adversary Mortimer, but the sadistic knight Peter de Gray. Returning to England, he is awarded the fiefdom of Fernbrook in Lancashire, where he meets the beautiful noblewoman Joanna.  But the wheel of fortune keeps turning and as the years pass Robin and his friends must face trials and tragedies: plague, war and political intrigue are never far away. And when Fernbrook falls into the covetous hands of the irredeemably wicked young Earl of Burton, Robin must confront horrors at home which rival even the bloodshed he has experienced in the ongoing wars against France.... In the second installment of a six-part epic, Medieval Europe is brought to life in a multi-cast drama based on the novels by Rebecca Gable, author of the Scarlet City trilogy. Featuring: Gareth Armstrong, Tim Bentinck, Will Bishop, Gabriel Clark, Clare Corbett, Raymond Coulthard, Gareth David-Lloyd, Barnaby Edwards, Jonathan Firth, Philip Franks, Raj Ghatak, Helen Goldwyn, Anthony Howell, Joe Jameson, Jacqueline King, Rosalyn Landor, Damian Lynch, Michael Maloney, Miriam Margolyes, Tony Millan, Darin Nagada, Nisha Nayar, George Naylor, Steven Pacey, Nicholas Pegg, Vineeta Rishi, Dan Starkey, Alexander Vlahos, Lizzie Waterworth-Santo, Finty Williams, Sophie Winkleman and Becky Wright.

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Stephen Mangan and Alistair McGowan star in the fantastical BBC Radio 4 comedy by Anil Gupta and Richard Pinto.When fantasy novelist Sam is whisked off to Lower Earth by a band of noble warriors, his dog Amis goes with them. Transformed into human form, Amis turns out to be The Chosen One, whom the warriors need to help find the Sword of Asnagar. Only with the sword can they save Lower Earth from the evil rule of Lord Darkness.As their perilous adventure unfolds Sam, Amis and their new friends encounter many perils, put in their way by Lord Darkness and his evil assistant Kreech.With a supporting cast featuring Darren Boyd, Kevin Eldon, Sophie Winkleman, Ingrid Oliver, Dave Lamb and Chris Pavlo, Elvenquest is a clever and funny pastiche of the fantasy fiction genre. All 28 episodes from the first four series are presented here together.

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