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The 7 Habits on the Go


The world is changing dramatically, and it's easy to be alarmed and lose focus of what matters most. Don't fall into that trap! Build leadership skills, boost productivity, and learn and apply the time-tested principles of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It's never too late to develop a growth mindset. Want to discover life-changing habits that will propel you toward a more productive and effective life? This compact adaptation of Stephen R. Covey's all-time international best seller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, offers an efficient - yet in-depth - guide to becoming your best self and reaching your goals. Less stress, more success. Listeners who have never learned the seven habits before - as well as longtime fans who want a refresher - will find wisdom, direction, self-reflection, and life-affirming challenges that easily can be applied to your professional and personal life. The 7 Habits on the Go isn't just a productivity planner or habit tracker. If you'll devote just minutes each day, you can develop the principles needed to stay proactive and positive. The positive paradigm shifts that the seven habits can produce help you break free of old beliefs, motivate toward meaningful change, and develop positive behaviors to bring clear communication.

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A Chance in the World


"Pemberton's beautifully told story is a rags to riches journey - beginning in a place and with a jarring set of experiences that could have destroyed his life. But Steve's refusal to give in to those forces, and his resolve to create a better life, shows a courage and resilience that is an example for many of us to follow." (Stedman Graham, author, educator) Home is the place where our life stories begin. A Chance in the World is the astonishing true story of a boy destined to become a man of resilience, determination, and vision. Down in the dank basement, amid my moldy, hoarded food and beloved worm-eaten books, I dreamed that my real home, the place where my story had begun, was out there somewhere, and one day I was going to find it. Taken from his mother at age three, Steve Klakowicz lives a terrifying existence. Caught in the clutches of a cruel foster family and subjected to constant abuse, Steve finds his only refuge in a box of books given to him by a kind stranger. In these books, he discovers new worlds he can only imagine and begins to hope that one day he might have a different life, that one day he will find his true home. A fair-complexioned boy with blue eyes, a curly Afro, and a Polish last name, he is determined to unravel the mystery of his origins and find his birth family. Armed with just a single clue, Steve embarks on an extraordinary quest for his identity, only to find that nothing is as it appears.  Through it all, Steve's story teaches us that no matter how broken our past, no matter how great our misfortunes, we have it in us to create a new beginning and to build a place where love awaits.

©2012 Steve Pemberton (P)2019 Thomas Nelson

Narrator: Steve Pemberton
Length: 8 hrs and 5 mins
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On the Town with The League of Gentlemen


Welcome to Spent, an isolated and rather odd town somewhere in the North. Its singular inhabitants lead blackly comic lives, from Dr Chinnery, the lethally incompetent vet and Pauline, the monstrous Restart Officer at the Job Centre, to the hideously exacting Dentons who impose their disturbing habits and pet toads upon their visiting nephew Ben.

These and other memorable townsfolk are ferried around by Barbara, a taxi driver half way through his sex change, and served by Mr Iingleby, who brings a whole new meaning to the term 'small shopkeeper'.

Murderously funny and actuely observed, The League of Gentlemen's highly acclaimed brand of comedy shows human nature at its most extreme, and most hilarious.

©1999, 2002 BBC Worldwide Ltd (P)1999, 2002 BBC Worldwide Ltd

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The League of Gentlemen TV Series Collection


Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith star in a compilation from the smash hit BBC TV series.

"This is a local shop for local people. There's nothing for you here!"

Welcome to Royston Vasey! Your visit coincides with:

Herr Lipp's German exchange visit!

Papa Lazarou's freak show!

A nosebleed epidemic!

In a selection of episodes from series two of the award-winning black comedy, Reenie and Vinnie are in charge of the charity shop, Tubbs and Edward are looking to find a 'no-tail' mate for son David and friendly butcher Hilary Briss is holding a soiree for patrons of his 'special stuff'.

In Series Three, Pauline is released from HMP Clitclink and harbours dreams of running her own pen shop, joke peddlar Lance regrets dabbling in the murky world of illegal body parts and Geoff travels to London to become a stand-up comedian.

So welcome to town. You'll never leave....

Note: You may be wondering why we have not included episodes from series one of the TV series in this collection. This is because many of the sketches that formed the basis of the first TV series are published in The League of Gentlemen's original BBC Radio series, On the Town with the League of Gentlemen. Although they were reworked a little for television, the series one audio of these sketches is similar enough to their radio counterparts that we have not included them in this TV series compilation.

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