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Computer Networking Beginners Guide


Are you a student or a professional who is keen to learn about computer networks? Are you fascinated by the world of computers and every other system that is responsible for the efficient operation of such a wonderful human invention?   When you deal with computers on a daily basis, you should be aware of the backbone which supports this incredible invention.     The truth is: Computers and technology rule the world today, and most of us are not aware of the network that is responsible for their efficient operation.   A computer network is the interconnection of various devices, responsible for sending or receiving media or data. These devices are known as hosts and are connected using a number of paths. There are also other network devices like, routers, hubs, bridges, and switches, which are responsible for the communication between two different devices.   The layout pattern which is used to interconnect the devices is known as the network topology like star, mesh, bus, ring, daisy chain, etc. Local Area Network or LAN is a data connection network which connects various computers or terminals within a building or a small geographical area. Again, WAN stands for Wide Area Network. It is a telecommunications network which expands through a wide geographical area.   DOWNLOAD: Computer Networking Beginners Guide: Ultimate Guide to Master Communication System Including Cisco and CCNA, Wireless and Cloud Technology, System Security Administration and IP Subnetting.   Computer networks consist of various components, protocols, and technologies working together. There should be a perfect guide that will help in learning the basics of how the network works and how the components fit together.     The goal of the book is simple: It is the perfect guide for the beginners to know everything about computer network, the devices and the terminologies associated with it, domains, packets frames and headers, cabling management like Ethernet cable, cross cable, ADSL, fibre, full-duplex mode.

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