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Data Science from Scratch


Do you want to know all about data science? Do you really want to understand why it is the future in all the most demanding job? Over the last few years, data science has changed the concept of technology. It is adding value to every model of business by using deep learning and statistics. Technological benefits of data science cannot also be ignored. The demand for data science is increasing rapidly. The basic reason behind this is the massive boom in the data generated and retained by the companies. Also known as “big data”, data scientists make the best use of this available information and figure out their best use. The team of data scientists also help in generating a good amount of analytics from the information available. This information brings clarity to people on how to interact with the web and are the foundations on which most of the critical business strategies rest. The demand for the data scientists is gradually increasing and so there must be proper learning resources for them to cultivate their knowledge. A data scientist has the following tasks to do:  Analyse data  Modelling/statistics  Engineering/prototyping  A lot of data is available in every organization. All of them are not that easy to format. A data scientist’s job mainly revolves around formatting these data, keeping in mind some set of rules. The goal of this book is simple: provide a perfect insight into data science from scratch. It clearly explains the difference between data science and big data, explaining the concept of big data very concisely and clearly. Operations on data are also very clearly explained in this audiobook. The book is also an ultimate guide to master data mining and data-analytic.

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Narrator: Chris Lynch
Author: Ramon Base
Length: 3 hrs and 17 mins
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