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Do you always delay or postpone your daily tasks?  Is procrastination affecting your life negatively? Would you like to be more productive? Procrastination is a nasty habit that we develop as a coping mechanism to avoid difficult or challenging situations. Everyone has faced the same challenge from time to time. Sometimes we put things off temporarily. After all, we are only human.  Avoiding or delaying difficult work is normal, but when it starts affecting your performance, you need to change. To determine which area you procrastinate in you have to examine many characteristics of those areas. This way you can determine the area that needs the most attention.  For instance: Poor performance in school Ruined reputation at work Poor health and related diet issues Financial struggles Complicated relationships Unresolved home affairs This is why it is important to understand the cause of your procrastination and how to overcome procrastination. Note that when you combine the right productivity steps with a good system, the results are commendable.  Procrastination is a straightforward book that discusses the science behind procrastination, why you procrastinate, types of procrastination and all the exciting new tips and tricks to get rid of procrastination. Anyone can stop the habit, but the tricky part is in the actions.  This book will take you through the process explaining in detail how to do it yourself. In this book, you will discover: The science behind origins of procrastination Five surprising factors that might trigger procrastination A simple procrastination test to evaluate yourself  Six specific reasons why people procrastinate 26 detailed tips and quotes to help you quit with your time management problem How to maximize your first 10 minutes of your time and leverage your most productive time of the day Nine ways to reward yourself without feeling guilty Six actionable secrets to prioritize your tasks How to be accountable and stop procrastination Six recommended ways to get rid of all distractions Five daily practices to overcome impulsive urges of procrastination Procrastination is something you learn along with other reductive traits. The good news is you can unlearn the old habits and start being productive. It all starts with you.  See, there is no medicine out there that will motivate you or make the task easier. You will have to deal with it.The good news is you do not have to do it by yourself. This book is here to guide you! Procrastination can be solved but it needs discipline and determination. Think of the consequences of your procrastination and resolve to do better. With time, you will make huge progress and might even be able to overcome procrastination. If you are determined to stop the bad habit, with a little help you surely can. First, you need to change your thinking first. The way you perceive different situations determines your reaction to it. Shifting your thinking improves your mood, and helps you get back on track. If you wish to stop procrastinating but keep postponing you will remain stuck many years to come.

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Narrator: Chris Lynch
Author: Tony Tracy
Length: 3 hrs and 20 mins
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