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Relationship Workbook for Couples


It may seem obvious to you that good communication is the foundation of every healthy, functioning relationship. Good communication skills will positively impact all of the relationships in your life, but this audiobook will focus primarily on the practices that will have the greatest impact on the unique bond you share with your partner. You can aim to use these tools throughout your personal life, with friends and co-workers and family members - but regardless of how you incorporate these ideas into your day-to-day life, you and your partner should make a concerted effort to use these skills as you complete any of the questionnaires, quizzes, or activities you find in this audiobook.  You may find a number of the questions to be challenging or provocative - they are intended to be! But you will find that with a toolbox of positive communication skills and a game plan to handle conflict, even the most nerve-wracking discussions will become manageable with your partner. Perhaps they’ll even become easy and comfortable, once you are well-practiced with these skills. This audiobook was designed with the intention of making the concepts of couples’ therapy accessible to those who cannot find the time, money, or transport to reach a therapist’s office. It also aims to make this work as simple, easy, and enjoyable as possible. The concepts included can be applied to any relationship, whether your partnership is weeks, months, years, or decades old. You'll find activities designed for couples to use together, but you'll also find questionnaires to complete on your own which will help you to clarify your goals, both as an individual and as half of a partnership. This is a great audiobook to keep handy at your bedside table or to carry with you and squeeze in a few minutes of relationship work wherever and whenever you can find time. This workbook will provide you with: Useful insights into what makes any romantic partnership successful and satisfying Strategies, tools, questionnaires, and quizzes to discover, pursue and realize your personal relationship goals Guided questions to help you learn more about yourself and your partner Advanced exercises that aim at improving connection, trust, and intimacy within the couple Suggestions on how to keep the unique relationship you share thriving for many years to come Regardless of your compatibility - whether you like the same colors, foods, movies, music, hobbies or friends - the health of your relationship will ultimately be determined by your willingness to invest in its future success. Keep asking questions and let yourself be open to unexpected answers.

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Narrator: Nam Joti Kaur
Author: Rachel Stone
Length: 3 hrs
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