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La puissance de votre subconscient

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Le secret d'une force prodigieuse à votre portée. Le subconscient répond de manière étonnante aux pensées que nous entretenons dans notre esprit. Cette révélation extraordinaire explique pourquoi la prière a un pouvoir de transformation réel sur notre vie. Les chrétiens, les musulmans, les juifs, les bouddhistes et les gens de toutes confessions peuvent obtenir des réponses à leurs prières non pas à cause d'une formule, d'un rite ou d'un credo particulier, mais simplement parce qu'ils sont réceptifs envers la puissance illimitée de leur subconscient. Aux personnes qui lui demandaient : "Pourquoi, après avoir tant prié, n'ai-je jamais été exaucé ?", Joseph Murphy répondait qu'ils trouveraient certainement la réponse dans cet ouvrage qui est une invitation à la simplification du cœur et de l'esprit.

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Early in my life I've discovered that as I smile my day-to-day activities seem to move along quite well. Maybe it's something that I do automatically or simply it's because of my early upbringing. I've certainly discovered that a smile just makes everything feel quite all right.

©2014 Michael D Soward (P)2016 Michael Soward

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There's so much weird information out there about love. The bulk of it is mostly false. This audiobook begins a brand new road on the lifelong struggle to find, and yes, even keep real, true love! My personal experiences have taught me that love in its purest, raw form is a God-created, God-given force. It has absolutely nothing to do with sex, expensive gifts, beautiful houses, clothes, great shoes, and awesome family gatherings, although these are indeed all small parts of an extremely gigantic puzzle, so it seems! Check out this unique audiobook and see how much you're enlighted moving forward!

©2020 Michael Soward (P)2021 Michael Soward

Length: 43 mins
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Life-Ology 101


Life is what it is, and sometimes the pain, the unusual twists and turns of it are unavoidable, though through its entirety one must always smile, for this is a great start of the healing process. Author Michael Soward has lived by these words, and in his new book, “Life-ology 101,” he shares his life journey with readers everywhere, giving them a brief written snapshot of his life from childhood to his arrival in New York City, and all the adversities he met and overcame along the way. This audiobook is an autobiographical chronicle of the life and times of Michael Soward, following his journey from his days as a teenager who came from a strict African-American household to a liberated young adult exploring a nation that was also experiencing sweeping changes. Readers will witness the metamorphosis of a man coinciding with the transformation of an entire society, a domino effect wherein both will never be the same again. Soward's compelling narrative contains invaluable life lessons on freedom, on a personal and societal level, and on the great responsibilities that come with it.

©2013 Michael Soward (P)2014 Michael Soward

Narrator: Dave Wright
Length: 2 hrs and 38 mins
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