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La puissance de votre subconscient

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Le secret d'une force prodigieuse à votre portée. Le subconscient répond de manière étonnante aux pensées que nous entretenons dans notre esprit. Cette révélation extraordinaire explique pourquoi la prière a un pouvoir de transformation réel sur notre vie. Les chrétiens, les musulmans, les juifs, les bouddhistes et les gens de toutes confessions peuvent obtenir des réponses à leurs prières non pas à cause d'une formule, d'un rite ou d'un credo particulier, mais simplement parce qu'ils sont réceptifs envers la puissance illimitée de leur subconscient. Aux personnes qui lui demandaient : "Pourquoi, après avoir tant prié, n'ai-je jamais été exaucé ?", Joseph Murphy répondait qu'ils trouveraient certainement la réponse dans cet ouvrage qui est une invitation à la simplification du cœur et de l'esprit.

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Cash Machine


Curious about how to make money with Amazon FBA? Have you watched YouTube videos and seen all the “gurus” talk? How about dreams of owning your very own dropshipping business but don’t know where to start? Then you have the right book! If you want to attain financial freedom and get out the rat race, then you must start an online business with Amazon. This is the surefire way to achieve passive income time and time again. This guidebook will take you step by step into the wonderful world of Amazon FBA - all you need is an internet connection and a laptop or desktop and you’re good to go. Inside, you will learn: How to set up an Amazon seller central account Diagrams, graphs, and charts to excel like a pro Software that will blow away your competition Keyword research Niche research How to find the hottest products that keep selling year after year How to get solid, real reviews for your products Where to find cheap stuff to sell online Build your Amazon selling business SEO search engine optimization 2020 and 2021 tips and tricks How to get traffic to your product page on Amazon Build your brand and persona with Fulfilled by Amazon YouTube secrets And much, much more Scroll up, hit the "Buy Now" button, and let's get started!

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Length: 3 hrs and 24 mins
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There's so much weird information out there about love. The bulk of it is mostly false. This audiobook begins a brand new road on the lifelong struggle to find, and yes, even keep real, true love! My personal experiences have taught me that love in its purest, raw form is a God-created, God-given force. It has absolutely nothing to do with sex, expensive gifts, beautiful houses, clothes, great shoes, and awesome family gatherings, although these are indeed all small parts of an extremely gigantic puzzle, so it seems! Check out this unique audiobook and see how much you're enlighted moving forward!

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Length: 43 mins
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Communication Skills Training


Do you struggle to communicate with others? Do you get anxiety or stage fright easily? Read on.... To be an effective communicator is not a born trait. Far from it! You have to understand the ins and outs of speaking effectively. What you say and do is always being judged by others, but does it really matter? If you struggle to get the words out and feel anxiety, panic, and choking feeling when you are in front of an audience, then you have the right book. Learning to communicate is just as much about listening as it is speaking. Not having communication skills in today’s world is holding you back. Inside, you will learn: Common pitfalls in communication with others How to not get mad or let your emotions get the best of you when interacting with others Business and leadership skills that come in handy at the office Q&A on what being a master communicator is like Conversation dos and don’ts Avoid negativity and toxic others How to not care what others think of you Common words and phrases Body language and facial expressions How to improve memory and focus Being more effective at communicating at work And much much more! Get this book now and start living a better life.

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Length: 4 hrs and 25 mins
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Blockchain Basics


Master Bitcoin and Blockchain. Two books in one Step by step guide Let me show you exactly how simple it is for you to get into the computerized transformation of Bitcoin. Regardless of whether you need to (1) thoroughly understand Bitcoin, (2) know all the most ideal approaches to secure and oversee Bitcoin, or (3) you simply need to realize how to Use Bitcoin for your potential benefit, this book will give all of you have to know in this simple to follow audiobook. Get energized, on the grounds that you are going to learn exactly how ground-breaking and valuable Bitcoin can be to you and your way of life. There is no requirement for a degree or extraordinary preparing with regards to Bitcoin. All you need is the correct data, the correct attitude, and the correct help. I will handily assist you with these! What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the first and the most notable digital currency available that offers you a stunning cluster of amazing alternatives. As the first and most notable digital money, it as of now holds the incredible bit of leeway of being a Category King. A class ruler can happen on the off chance that an item comes out first and, at that point can keep up the brand after some time. In the accompanying pages I will effortlessly respond to all your Bitcoin questions and guide you on your brilliant way to Bitcoin glory. Appreciate the freedom that Bitcoin offers: Buys Contributing Exchanging Mining Your business and substantially more! Bitcoin tackles a great deal of issues. Bitcoin is truly adaptable and is well disposed to new clients and doesn't accompany a great deal of limitations that other customary techniques may have. I can take you through the way toward utilizing Bitcoin with the goal that you are completely educated and ready to effectively apply all the techniques that you find. I will likewise share others' encounters and experiences so you can gain from them and stay away from normal mix-ups. This book will manage you from the earliest starting point of your Bitcoin venture right until the end. Subsequent to perusing this book you will have all that you need so as to begin utilizing Bitcoin like an ace. What Will You Learn About Bitcoin? The best places to effectively secure your own Bitcoins The most effective method to pick the privilege Bitcoin wallet and why this is so significant Instructions to effortlessly comprehend Bitcoin exchanges How Bitcoin can support your business Basic missteps individuals have made and how to maintain a strategic distance from them You will also discover: Step by step instructions to distinguish the opportune chance to buy Bitcoins and when to trade your venture out Exactly how fantastically adaptable Bitcoin can be Step by step instructions to make and execute a powerful venture plan with Bitcoins Step by step instructions to build up the perfect methodologies for bringing in cash with Bitcoin in the long haul Instructions to secure yourself when utilizing Bitcoin Appreciate the sweet song of Bitcoins ringing into your wallet: Get this book now!

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Length: 5 hrs and 19 mins
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Positive Intelligence: Daily Positive Affirmations to Stop Negative Thinking and Shift to a Happy Life: Condition Your Mind One Affirmation at a Time


You can be happy no matter what! Happiness is a state of mind.  One should be happy and calm regardless of external circumstances.  Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ) measures to what extent your mind is serving you instead of sabotaging you. The great news is that PQ can be improved!  "When I will be successful then I will be happy" is a fallacy because there is always a higher level of success that one can achieve. As soon as you get the latest XYZ then there is another thing that your heart will desire. Science reveals that happiness is the first key to achieving success. If you are happy then you will have a lot of physical and mental energy that will fuel the path to achieve your dreams.  Being happy doesn't mean ceasing the pursuit of higher social status or wealth. Even if one is striving to achieve these goals, he should do so from an emotional position of happiness and energy - rather one from a position of sadness and depression. When one is happy then he will have a lot more energy to conquer challenges and win at all costs than if he is sad.  One of the main secrets to being happy is developing positivity. By being positive one will increase his physical and mental energy to achieve much more in life. Positivity is the ability to stay focused on what is good in his life - instead of obsessing over what is wrong.  If one is dealing with a difficult situation then it is optimal to "change what he can" but "let go of what he can't". Instead of complaining bitterly, ask yourself "Is there something I can do about the situation? If there is then let me make a plan of action to do it!!!" Instead of complaining perceptually, figure out what your goal is and create a plan to achieve that goal.  Have you noticed that children are almost always happy? Dwelling on the negative in life is a habit that is developed in adulthood. A big secret to happiness is to focus on what is good in your life and the good things that will come into the future - instead of spending a lot of time thinking about what you are missing and replaying miserable events in your mind.  Additional happiness comes from having a clear meaningful vision about something that you want and making progress towards it every day. 

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Length: 4 hrs and 51 mins
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Do you struggle to be in control of your mind? Ever wonder why some people can talk to anybody and others choke for words? Do you lack self-discipline, self-control, and have zero confidence? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you have the right book! Self-Discipline In this book, you will learn what having the right mindset is all about. You don’t have to suffer from anxiety, depression, or lack of focus anymore! Psychologists, political leaders, and some of the toughest military warriors today study these same powerful brain hacks. Now you too can harness the strength that comes from within. Self-Discipline is what can make you achieve anything! Inside, you will learn: How to fear no one Develop mental toughness Learn what US Navy Seals do to get their mind and body in shape! Techniques proven to make you unstoppable! Learn to have compassion and a rare powerful inner drive to achieve what you want in life! Learn to stand your ground with people. Willpower, motivation, and habit strategies How to control and quiet the mind Beat anxiety and depression. Get rid of mental blocks and develop sharp focus. Time management hacks and tips Goal setting for faster results in your life Samurai mind hacks Diet, exercise, and brain health NLP strategies and secrets to end OCD and other disorders Dealing with stress And much much more! Are you up for the challenge? Let’s do it! See you inside Click the "Buy Now" button!

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