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Change Your Mind and Habits

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So many people live in unhappiness. Are you one of them? Do your bad habits taunt you? Do your thoughts torment you? You can be a changed person! You can live a happy life! This book can change your world!  I was in a similar situation as you. I faced life every day with the knowledge that I’d have yet another battle to fight, another demon to face. Oh yeah, I had my demons! Self-doubt. Worry over what lay ahead. Anxiety over what others thought about me. Finally, after many long days of being in a deep dark hole that I couldn’t seem to claw my way out of, I decided that I’d had enough of being scared of life. I chose to break free and be a new me. But how? I sought out a counselor and found my therapy sessions to be very helpful. Her techniques in changing the thought process were remarkable, but without changing my habits to follow suit, sustaining those happy thoughts I had become accustomed to during therapy was nearly impossible. However, I’ve since created my own formula for helping others to overcome their self-doubt, anxiety, and worry. And I take it two steps further as we tackle bad habits and create long-lasting happiness. These two steps are a vital part of the process, as all three parts of the formula work together to create a new, changed person - a new you.  In this book, you’ll learn how to: Challenge your mind and change your thoughts Become aware of your thoughts Identify negative and inaccurate thinking Map your thoughts, actions, and responses Battle your thoughts and respond in the correct way Transform your habits Throw out the old habits step-by-step Create new habits Hold onto what you create Create your own happiness Give yourself what your deserve Live a scheduled and organized life, which leads to a more organized mind Find your purpose in life so you can achieve happiness Relax and rejuvenate for a happy life Even if your life is in shambles and your world is turned upside down, my formula, “Mapping,” can help you get on the right track! Buy my book now to change your life and find success and true happiness!

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