Cover art for Alkaline Diet: Body Balance and Metabolism Reset for an Incredible Healthy Living

Alkaline Diet: Body Balance and Metabolism Reset for an Incredible Healthy Living


If you're tired of trying dozens of unsuccessful diets and you finally want to learn a simple way to reclaim the optimal health you deserve, then keep reading. When something is not right with our internal health, the effects can manifest through devastating symptoms like chronic illness, low energy, fatigue, stress, excess weight. We all experience some of these negative situations, but very few people are aware of the fact that they can completely transform their life and reach new incredible levels of energy and well-being. The secret key that unlocks the path to an optimal health has a precise name: alkaline diet. There is a lot of confusion and misleading information about this particular diet, but in this book Daisy Evans, a researcher and nutritionist for over 30 years, clarifies every aspect in a simple and clear language, with a scientific approach. She has included a lot of examples and an amazing 30-day-meal plan with delicious recipes, so everyone will benefit immediately from this diet. You will learn: What is pH, why it is so important and which is the optimal value for a healthy body Common foods that “silently” influence your body’s pH level Warning signals from your body that are absolutely dangerous for your health (if neglected) How to restore your body to its natural state and overcome chronic diseases Why you absolutely have to avoid these foods (probably you are eating some of them almost daily) The secret foods that allow you to balance your body, reset your metabolism and experiment new incredible levels of energy (with immediate effect) How to lose weight naturally and finally create the body you want The healing power of medicinal herbs and alkaline plants food Delicious recipes for everyone (even if you have very little time to cook and you are not a chef) Tasty smoothie recipes Bonus: weekly shopping list and amazing 30-day-meal plan And much, much more! This audiobook has a simple and beginner-friendly language, with a complete overview of the topic and a lot of powerful tips from author’s experience.  Really everyone should listen to this information, regardless of age, gender, one's actual health status (which can be always improved, allowing you to experience new levels of energy and well-being). You can’t ignore the deep impact that your food choices have on your body: thanks to this audiobook you have just found the key for an incredible healthy living and you will be absolutely surprised by the immediate positive effects of an alkaline diet. Now it’s time to take action, so get this audiobook now!

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Narrator: Amanda Blake
Author: Daisy Evans
Length: 1 hr and 39 mins
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