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Money Management

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If you want to discover how to take control of your money and boost your credit score, then keep reading... Two manuscripts in one audiobook: Money Management: An Essential Guide on How to Get Out of Debt and Start Building Financial Wealth, Including Budgeting and Investing Tips, Ways to Save and Frugal Living Ideas Credit Repair: The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Your Credit Score, Paying Off Debt, Saving Money and Managing Your Personal Finances in a Stress-Free Way Do you want to be in total control of your expenses and the money you make? Have you tried writing your income and expenses down...but nothing seems to work for more than a few weeks? Do you finally want to say goodbye to worry surrounding money and discover something which works for you? If so, then you've come to the right place. You see, improving your financial situation doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult. Even if you’ve tried other solutions which didn’t work before. In fact, money management could easier than you think. The National Study of Millionaires discovered that millionaires don’t always make a ton of money. A lot of them have average jobs, like teachers or firefighters, and get paid an average salary. But millionaires typically have one thing in common; they know how to manage the money they have and receive. And that is what this audiobook is all about. In part 1 of this audiobook, you will learn about: The Money Mindset Debt - Getting Out of It and How Budgeting for Beginners Simple Ways to Save Every Day Investing for Beginners And much, much more! Some of the topics covered in part two of this audiobook include: Boosting Your Credit Score Paying Off Debt Saving Money Managing Your Personal Finances in a Stress-Free Way And much, much more! So if you want to learn more about money management and credit repair, get this audiobook now!

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Narrator: Brian Scott
Author: Scott Wright
Length: 6 hrs and 18 mins
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The Reality Revolution

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Our world is undergoing a reality revolution. More and more people are discovering the power of their minds to shape the world around them, faster than ever before. The question is: How do you create the reality of your design? Brian Scott wants to help you find the answer. After walking away unscathed from a near-fatal shooting in his home, Brian began a fanatical search for answers. He deepened his research into parallel realities, quantum mechanics, and consciousness to uncover what happened in his close call with death. Along the way, he developed a series of techniques capable of creating profound transformations.  In The Reality Revolution: The Mind-Blowing Movement to Hack Your Reality, Brian introduces you to the techniques that have helped his clients find lasting love, create wealth, and revitalize health.  You’ll learn how to surf through parallel realities and unlock the power of your mind through a mix of researched and science-backed techniques like qigong, meditation, quantum jumping, energy work, and reality transurfing. If you’re ready to create an incredible reality for yourself, this audiobook shows you the way.

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Narrator: Brian Scott
Author: Brian Scott
Length: 10 hrs and 37 mins
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Credit Repair


If you want to discover how to effectively repair your credit, pay off debt, and save money, then keep reading....

Are you sick and tired of being the victim of faulty credit reporting or mistakes of the past?

Have you thought about doing something about your credit score but feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start?

Do you finally want to say goodbye to being worried the next time a potential employer, landlord, or bank says they are going to check your credit?

If so, then you've come to the right place.

You see, improving your credit score doesn't have to be as difficult as many think it is.

In this audiobook, you will learn the factors that affect your credit score and how you can fix them. You will also discover ways to pay off debt.

If you have been struggling to save money or manage your finances effectively, then this audiobook will give you the methods that will allow you to start saving for your future.

You will learn about:

Boosting your credit score

Paying off debt

Saving money

Managing your personal finances in a stress-free way

And much, much more!

Take a second to imagine how you’ll feel once you have increased the probability of finding a job or even being accepted as a new tenant because employers and landlords now look at you differently.

And how your family and friends will react when you have your finances in order.

So even if you've made financial mistakes in the past, you can start moving your finances in the right direction.

And if you have a burning desire to boost your credit score, pay off debt and save money, then get this audiobook!

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Narrator: Brian Scott
Author: Scott Wright
Length: 3 hrs and 14 mins
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An Entrepreneur's Guide to Financial Freedom (2 Books in 1)


An essential toolkit for anyone looking for passive income or alternate income streams. Master the art of online business and start making more money than you’ve ever made in your life.   Audiobook one: E-Commerce Made Simple: Discover the 4 Most Popular Online Business Models Proven strategies to gain financial independence, start and grow your own business, and begin building your Internet empire. Each of the business models we cover are low-risk endeavors that don’t require funding or much start-up capital. You will learn how to start an online business in a relatively low-risk, low-stakes environment that allows you to grow at the pace that best fits your lifestyle.   This audiobook teaches you all the tools, tips, and tricks you need to know to become a successful e-business owner.    You will learn:  How to identify your niche market and target and win customers  How to maximize profit while minimizing your cost  How to overcome competition by differentiating yourself and becoming a market leader  How to partner with manufacturers, content creators, and other strategic partners that are essential to the success of your business.  How to master order fulfillment (the distribution of your products or content to your customers)   If you want to break free from the mundane nine-to-five office-job drudgery and enjoy a life of freedom on your own terms, this audiobook is for you.    Audiobook two: Online Business Redefined Amazon FBA & Shopify: The 2 Most Important Platforms for Selling Online Leverage the power of Shopify and Amazon FBA to build a product-based business you can automate as much as you want.   In this audiobook, you'll learn how to:  Evaluate if FBA will be profitable for you  Exploit the incredible features of Shopify to make the operation of your online store much easier  Discover the most profitable product niches  Easily increase your profit margins and brand recognition  Harness Amazon customer base  Master the logistics and the fulfillment system   And much more

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Length: 6 hrs and 56 mins
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