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Dream Yoga

18 ratings


Discover the Hidden Dimension of Your Life—The Dream Realm "Sleeping and dreaming," teaches Andrew Holecek, "offer nightly opportunities for spiritual awakening." When you know how to wake up in your dreams, you transform sleep into a portal to the deepest experiences of reality. Can anyone awaken in their dreams and explore their true depths? For decades, this gifted author and instructor has launched spiritual oneironauts (dream travelers) from all beliefs and backgrounds into the magical world of dreams—even those who have never meditated or had a lucid dream. Dream Yoga brings the best from modern science and Tibetan wisdom to offer you this extraordinary opportunity. With expert guidance you'll learn everything you need to know to penetrate the mysteries of the night, including: Meditations for calming and clarifying your mind How to have lucid dream states naturally using Tibetan practices and contemporary dream induction techniques Practical tips for overcoming common obstacles, enhancing dream recall, working with nightmares, and gleaning insights from your dreams Bringing your skills together to explore the deepest dimensions of awakened consciousness Each night you touch into the possibility of enlightenment. With Dream Yoga you will emerge from the darkness of ignorance into the luminous experience of awakening—in every moment, day or night.

©2013 Andrew Holecek (P)2013 Andrew Holecek

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Diamond in the Rough

2 ratings


I'm stepping off a nine-hour flight when it happens. A white van. A dark hood. Every woman's worst nightmare. "Diamond in the Rough is masterfully written, sinfully sexy, and utterly addictive! Skye Warren proves why she is the queen of dark and delicious romance." (Giana Darling, USA Today best-selling author) Now I'm trapped in an abandoned church. The man who took me says I won't be hurt. The man in the cell next to me says that's a lie. I'll fight with every ounce of strength, but there are secrets in these walls. I'll need every single one of them to survive. "Five glowing stars! Diamond in the Rough is the dark and dangerous world that I love from Skye Warren. You will be completely caught up in Elijah and Holly's story from the first page to the last." (New York Times best-selling author Aleatha Romig) Diamond in the Rough is a new dark romance from New York Times best-selling author Skye Warren. Finding yourself has never been so dangerous....

©2019 Skye Warren (P)2019 Skye Warren

Author: Skye Warren
Length: 5 hrs and 52 mins
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Madison's Mess


What could possibly go wrong when a mermaid and a werewolf are sent on a dangerous mission by the drunken, diaper-wearing God of the Sea?  Better question. What could possibly go right?  Madison Unlike my sisters, I haven’t found my HEA. And I’m looking - hard. But finding a man who wants to blowhole dive in Hawaii on the first date is more difficult than you might imagine. I’ve been forced to settle for a few meaningless orgasms with men who disappear when I suggest fun activities, like scaling 20 stories while blindfolded.  Look, I know meaningless nookie won’t help me find my happily-ever-after, or even a guy who believes tightrope handstands over the Grand Canyon are fun. But there is someone out there for me so next time I do the horizontal mambo, it’s for keeps.  May the gods help me. Well, me and whoever I boink next.  Rick Being a vegan werewolf has its drawbacks. I’ve been exiled from my pack and even the petting zoo of deer, rabbits, and raccoons I keep safely tucked away from my fellow weres isn’t enough to banish the loneliness I feel. Talking to myself is becoming dangerous. Just two days ago out of stupefying boredom, I made a wager with myself that I could fly. It didn’t end well.  Thankfully Poseidon is sending me on a mission. Unfortunately, it’s with a crazy Mermaid who has a worse reputation for death-defying recreation than me.  I have no clue what’s in store, but may the gods help me. Well, me and this swimming hottie, because I’m totally down.

©2019 Robyn Peterman (P)2019 Audible, Inc.

Length: 5 hrs and 46 mins
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Small Town Siren

6 ratings


Two cowboys looking for love.... Jack Barnes and Sam Fleetwood met in foster care. Over the years, they’ve become best friends and partners. They share a business as cattle ranchers and a house. There’s only one thing missing: a woman to share. The men are sure they’ve found that woman when Abigail Moore arrives in their small town, Willow Fork, TX.  A woman trying to find her place in the world.... Abby left her hometown 20 years before under a cloud of scandal. She’s raised a daughter, forged a new life for herself, and is ready for the next phase when she meets the handsome cowboys.  One small town that’s ready to explode.... They’re a dream come true - Jack is the sexy Dom, and Sam the playful lover. It’s everything she’s ever fantasized about. There’s only one problem. She’s still not welcome in Willow Fork, and someone is willing to kill to keep her away.

©2018 DLZ Entertainment LLC (P)2018 Audible, Inc.

Narrator: Ryan West, C J Bloom
Length: 8 hrs and 10 mins
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