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Not Nice

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Are you too nice? If you find it hard to be assertive, directly ask for what you want, or say "no" to others, then you just might be suffering from too much niceness. In this controversial book, world-renowned confidence expert, Dr. Aziz Gazipura, takes an incisive look at the concept of nice. Through his typical style, Dr. Aziz uses engaging stories, humor, and disarming vulnerability to cut through the nice conditioning and liberate the most bold, expressive, authentic version of you. You'll discover how to: Easily say "no" when you want to and need to Confidently and effectively ask for what you want Speak up more freely in all your relationships Eliminate feelings of guilt, anxiety, and worry about what others will think

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On My Own Side

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Are you your own biggest critic? Do you tend to be hard on yourself, impatient with your setbacks, and quick to judge yourself? Perhaps, you appear self-assured on the outside, but inside you often feel inferior, doubtful, and question yourself.  After writing the runaway best seller Not Nice, Dr. Aziz returns to tackle the biggest killer of confidence: your own inner critic. That voice in your head tells you that you can’t achieve what you want or be loved for who you are, because you’re not enough. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize just how much that negative voice is running their lives, creating stress, anxiety, perfectionism, relentless business, and overwhelm. Through his work with thousands of people in live events, group programs, and online, Dr. Aziz systematically uncovered the most effective approach to rapidly end self-criticism and doubt and replace it with permanent self-worth and confidence.  In this refreshingly honest and moving book, Dr. Aziz gives you specific guidance, powerful exercises, and clear strategies to regain control inside your own mind, so you can live with more freedom, self-expression, trust, and confidence in yourself, than ever before! You’ll also discover how to:  Put an end to constant comparison, self-judgment, and internal criticism Skyrocket your sense of value, self-worth, and inner confidence Stop doubting yourself and start living with bold self-trust Eliminate your fear of failure, mistakes, and the disapproval of others Truly like yourself and enjoy living your life Click on the "buy now" button to get started.

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