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The Deadly Mystery of the Missing Diamonds

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Missing diamonds. Mysterious deaths. And all that jazz. London, 1925. With their band the Dizzy Heights, jazz musicians Ivor ‘Skins’ Maloney and Bartholomew ‘Barty’ Dunn are used to improvising as they play the Charleston for flappers and toffs, but things are about to take a surprising turn. Superintendent Sunderland has had word that a deserter who stole a fortune in diamonds as he fled the war is a member of the Aristippus private members’ club in Mayfair - where the Dizzy Heights have a residency. And the thief is planning to steal a hoard of jewels hidden there under the cover of a dance contest. As mutual pal Lady Hardcastle has suggested, Skins and Dunn are perfectly placed to be Sunderland’s eyes and ears - and Skins’s wife Ellie soon lends a hand with a bit of light snooping. But the stakes change dramatically when a mysterious death at the club brings a sinister note to the investigation. With the dance contest fast approaching, the trio must solve the mystery of the missing diamonds, unmask the murderer, and prevent more deadly crimes - all without missing a beat.

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Let That Sh*t Go

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"Stomach stress gurgles are no match for this spinning rolodex of chill pills." (Neil Pasricha, number one best-selling author of The Book of Awesome and The Happiness Equation) Life is stressful as f--k. But it doesn’t have to be. It’s no wonder you can’t calm down: Your to-do list is as long as your arm, your bank balance keeps dropping, you feel guilty for not calling your parents more often, and there always seems to be a big deadline to meet at work. You need a serious breather - but you can barely find time to shower, let alone to exercise or meditate. In Let That Sh*t Go, Kate Petriw and Nina Purewal share the wisdom they’ve gained though decades of practicing and teaching others to find peace of mind no matter how busy they are. Learn to put your life in perspective, take each day one step at a time, and steal moments of calm amid the chaos. And remember: It’s not worth holding onto that sh*t.

©2019 Nina Purewal, Kate Petriw (P)2020 HarperCollins Publishers

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