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Are you constantly striving to keep up with life's busy expectations?  It's easy to feel consumed with the desire to "succeed" and "acquire" and miss the simple opportunities waiting for you to slow down: a walk in the forest, sharing laughter with family, a personal moment of gratitude.... Once upon a time, it became clear to Brooke McAlary the key to happiness was discovering a simpler, more fulfilling existence. She put the brakes on her stressful path and reorganized her life to live outside the status quo, emphasizing depth, connection, and meaningful experiences.  Alongside Brooke's affirming personal stories of breaking down and rising up, Slow provides practical advice and fascinating insights into the benefits and challenges of the slow life, such as: decluttering to de-owning; messiness to mindfulness; and asking "Why?" to asking "Where to now?"   Slow is an inspirational guide on creating a life filled with the things that really matter, and it is meant for anyone seeking peace, meaning, and joy in their otherwise rapid lives.

©2018 Brooke McAlary (P)2018 Tantor

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At the age of 60, Cory Taylor is dying of melanoma-related brain cancer. Her illness is no longer treatable: She now weighs less than her neighbor's retriever. As her body weakens, she describes the experience - the vulnerability and strength, the courage and humility, the anger and acceptance - of knowing she will soon die. Written in the space of a few weeks, in a tremendous creative surge, this powerful and beautiful memoir is a clear-eyed account of what dying teaches: Taylor describes the tangle of her feelings, remembers the lives and deaths of her parents, and examines why she would like to be able to choose the circumstances of her death. Taylor's last words offer a vocabulary for listeners to speak about the most difficult thing any of us will face. And while Dying: A Memoir is a deeply affecting meditation on death, it is also a funny and wise tribute to life.

©2017 Cory Taylor (P)2017 HighBridge, a division of Recorded Books

Length: 3 hrs and 52 mins
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Living a Feminist Life

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In Living a Feminist Life Sara Ahmed shows how feminist theory is generated from everyday life and the ordinary experiences of being a feminist at home and at work. Building on legacies of feminist of color scholarship in particular, Ahmed offers a poetic and personal meditation on how feminists become estranged from worlds they critique - often by naming and calling attention to problems - and how feminists learn about worlds from their efforts to transform them. Ahmed also provides her most sustained commentary on the figure of the feminist killjoy introduced in her earlier work while showing how feminists create inventive solutions - such as forming support systems - to survive the shattering experiences of facing the walls of racism and sexism. The killjoy survival kit and killjoy manifesto, with which the book concludes, supply practical tools for how to live a feminist life, thereby strengthening the ties between the inventive creation of feminist theory and living a life that sustains it.

©2017 Duke University Press (P)2017 Tantor

Author: Sara Ahmed
Length: 14 hrs and 20 mins
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People of the Sea (1 of 2) [Dramatized Adaptation]


The glaciers of the Sierra Nevada are melting, destroying the habitat of the mastodons, creating the rich land that will become California. The coastal people struggle to understand the changing world around them: their seer Sunchaser has lost his way to the Spirit World and mammoths continue to disappear. When a beautiful woman arrives, fleeing from her abusive husband, the people know what they must do - for if the Spirits are already taking the animals away, what will happen if they shelter a stranger? Now Sunchaser must make a choice - between the woman he loves and the preservation of his people's world. Performed by Nanette Savard; Elizabeth Jernigan; Bradley Smith; Gregory Gorton; Michael Glenn; Nick Depinto; Scott Mccormick; Ren Casey; Daniel Sonntag; Alyssa Wilmoth; Larissa Gallagher; David Coyne; Tracy Olivera; Kimberly Gilbert; Thomas Keegan; Michael John Casey; Terence Aselford; Joe Brack; Patrick Bussink; Ken Jackson; Gary Telles; Richard Rohan; Margie Tompros.

©1993 W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear (P)2012 Graphic Audio, LLC

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Bad Influence


He's the bad bachelor who inspired it all.... Annie Maxwell had her whole life figured out...until her fiance left her when his career took off. If that wasn't bad enough, every society blog posted pictures of him escorting a woman wearing her engagement ring. To help the women of New York avoid guys like her ex, Annie created the Bad Bachelors app. But try as she might, Annie just can't forget him.... For bank executive Joe Preston, his greatest mistake was leaving the love of his life when she needed him most. Now, all he wants is to make things right - and she won't have him. But when Annie's safety is threatened by a hacker determined to bring down her app, Joe is the only one to whom she can turn. He'll have to lay himself on the line to prove to Annie that he's a changed man. But will their hard-won bond survive the revelation that Annie is the one pulling the strings behind Bad Bachelors?   Contains mature themes.

©2019 Stefanie London (P)2019 Tantor

Length: 10 hrs and 39 mins
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Bad Reputation

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It's true, Wes is well-endowed. But everything else is a huge misunderstanding.... Wes Evans, son of Broadway royalty, just wants to achieve something without riding his family's coattails. Too bad the whole world is talking about his sex life after the notorious Bad Bachelors app dubs him "The Anaconda". But when he sees a talented ballet dancer, he knows she is exactly what he needs to make his show a success. Remi Drysdale only had one thought when she fled Australia for New York - never mix business with pleasure again. Ever. Working with Wes is the perfect chance to reclaim her career. Remi promises herself not to tangle with the guy who holds her career in his matter how enticing his reviews are on the Bad Bachelors app. Contains mature themes.

©2018 Stefanie London (P)2018 Tantor

Length: 11 hrs and 10 mins
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Arizona Ambush [Dramatized Adaptation]


Young Matt Bodine and Sam Two Wolves became blood brothers on the day the rancher's son saved the half breed's life, forging a bond no one could ever break. As years passed, a legend grew of the half breed and the white man who rode together — and when the situation demands, kill together.  In Arizona Territory, you can't keep trouble from coming, but when it does, you don't have to offer it a chair. And trouble always comes.  When Matt and Sam are ambushed by a violent gang led by the scurrilous Zack Jardine, who has his own reasons for wanting the blood brothers dead, Matt is badly wounded. After leaving Matt in a Navajo village to get patched up, Sam rides off hot on the trail of the Jardine Gang.  Sam finds the cutthroats selling guns to the Indians, a move that will likely explode into an all-out tribal war. Outnumbered and outgunned, the blood brothers aim to settle Zack Jardine's hash once and for all — with a little luck, a lot of bullets and the courage to shoot true. Performed by Richard Rohan, James Lewis, Dylan Lynch, Karen Novack, Christopher Graybill, Bradley Smith, James Keegan, Alexander Strain, Larissa Gallagher, Daniel Sonntag, Gregory Gorton, Danny Gavigan, Steven Carpenter, Scott McCormick, Joseph Thornhill, MB Van Dorn, Patrick Bussink, Joe Brack, Michael John Casey, Kimberly Gilbert, Nanette Savard.

©2011 William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone (P)2012 Graphic Audio, LLC

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