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The Dance of Connection

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In her most affirming and life-changing book yet, Dr. Harriet Lerner teaches us how to restore love and connection with the people who matter the most. In The Dance of Connection we learn what to say (and not say) when: We need an apology, and the person who has harmed us won't apologize or be accountable We don't know how to take a conversation to the next level when we feel desperate We feel worn down by the other person's criticism, negativity, or irresponsible behavior We have been rejected or cut off, and the other person won't show up for the conversation We are struggling with staying or leaving, and we don't know our "bottom line" We are convinced that we've tried everything, and nothing changes Filled with compelling personal stories and case examples, Lerner outlines bold new "voice lessons" that show us how to speak with honor and personal integrity, even when the other person behaves badly. Whether we're dealing with a partner, parent, sister, or best friend, The Dance of Connection teaches us how to navigate our most important relationships with clarity, courage, and joyous conviction.

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