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How Not to F*ck Up Your Marriage Too Bad

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How Not to F*ck Up Your Marriage Too Bad is the frank, intimate and provocative follow-up to the 2018 Audible Original How Not to F*ck Up Your Kids Too Bad, exploring the equally thorny and confusing world of marriage.  In each episode author and columnist Stephen Marche goes on a journey to answer a question that everyone in a marriage or long term relationship faces at some point. They’re the very real problems he faces himself.    Should we schedule sex? How do we stop fighting? How do we live together? Can marriage survive death?   From infidelity to divorce, modern marriages are messy and there aren’t always simple or happy answers. This series makes sense of the messiness. This is an Audible Original Podcast. Free for members. You can download all 10 episodes to your Library now.

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How Not to F*ck Up Your Kids Too Bad

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From Audible Originals, How Not to F*ck Up Your Kids Too Bad is an irreverent 10-part guide to modern fatherhood. In each episode, author and Esquire columnist Stephen Marche tackles tough questions that every parent faces. From how and why to stop yelling at your kids to how to share your favorite books to how to talk to your kids about pot - follow as Stephen engages real dads and experts on the thorny questions that parents face today. This is an Audible Original Podcast. Free for members. You can download all 10 episodes to your Library now.

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Narrator: Stephen Marche
Length: 5 hrs
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When the Body Says No

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In When the Body Says No, physician and writer Gabor Maté explores the mind-body link and the connection between stress and disease. Can a person literally die of loneliness? Is there a relationship between the ability to express emotions and Alzheimer’s disease? Is there such a thing as a “cancer personality?” Drawing on scientific research and years of experience as a practicing physician, Maté provides answers to these and other important questions about the role that chronic stress and one’s individual emotional make-up play in an array of common diseases, such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, IBS, and multiple sclerosis. Maté carefully explains the biological mechanisms that are activated when stress and trauma exert a powerful influence on the body. He illustrates his ideas with interviews of famous people who've experienced chronic illness (Ronald Reagan, Gilda Radner, Stephen Hawking, and Pamela Wallin), interspersed with intimate life stories collected through his years of practice. Chapters deal with stress, emotional repression, hormones, the "cancer personality," the biology of relationships, and the power of negative thinking. He backs up his claims with compelling evidence from the field, citing many controlled studies that have demonstrated correlations between psychosocial factors and disease. Maté emphasizes that to decipher the hidden factors in chronic illness is not to blame the victim, and the book is free of assumptions that all illnesses are the result of ego issues. Rather, he provides the opportunity to address the unintentional transmission of stress and anxiety through the body and across generations. Dr. Maté has a gift for making complicated medical findings accessible for the lay-person, while still relevant to the professional. Both will be grateful for the final chapter, "The Seven A's of Healing," in which Maté presents an open formula for healing and the prevention of illness resulting from hidden stress.

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Length: 13 hrs and 17 mins
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Raymond and Hannah


This boldly contemporary love story combines sex and seriousness, physical lust and spiritual longing. Raymond and Hannah hook up at a party; a one-night stand expands into a weeklong passionate and surprisingly deep love affair. Then Hannah leaves for a year in Jerusalem. With six thousand miles separating their bodies, the energy of love and lust must be sublimated to the written word. While Hannah immerses herself in Torah and the Orthodox world of Jerusalem, Raymond remains in multicultural Toronto, working on his dissertation on Robert Burton's The Anatomy of Melancholy. Over the school year, Hannah's growing love for her Jewishness is more and more at odds with her love for a blond, blue-eyed WASP. And Raymond, pining in Toronto, seems to be living out his dissertation before he's even written it. Can this new love affair survive distance, cultural dissonance, and out-of-sync, late-night e-mails?In this remarkable debut, carnal love confronts religion and culture, and modern passion finds its counterpoint in ancient texts.

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Length: 6 hrs and 13 mins
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