Cover art for Mud, Rocks, Blazes

Mud, Rocks, Blazes


Following her best-selling memoir, Thirst, here is the next step in Heather “Anish” Anderson’s adventurous life journey - one of deep emotion and self-discovery Despite her success setting a self-supported Fastest Known Time record on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013, Heather “Anish” Anderson still had such deep-seated insecurities that she became convinced her feat had been a fluke. So two years later she set out again, this time hiking through mud, rocks, and mountain blazes to crush her constant self-doubt and seek the true source of her strength and purpose. The 2,189 miles of the Appalachian Trail, from Maine to Georgia, did not make it easy. Anderson struggled with its infamous rain, humidity, insects, and steep grades for 54 days. But because she had to fight for every step, she knew when she reached the summit of Springer Mountain, the AT’s southern terminus, that she had fully earned the trail. Of greater value, she learned to love herself and her body, and to feel the depth of her power. Examining emotional scars as well as her relationship with her mother, Anderson’s deeply internal yet highly physical journey in Mud, Rocks, Blazes is an essential story.

©2021 Heather Anderson (P)2021 Blackstone Publishing

Length: 7 hrs and 8 mins
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Marcher au bon rythme


Que vous marchiez pour vous remettre en forme ou que vous rêviez de parcourir le chemin de Compostelle, ce livre est pour vous. Jean-Yves Cloutier propose des programmes d’entraînement spécialement conçus pour tous les types de marcheurs, du marcheur récréatif au randonneur confirmé, du promeneur urbain au marcheur sportif. Les bienfaits de cette activité physique à la fois abordable, pratique et agréable sont immenses, quel que soit votre âge. Marcher renforce nos muscles, développe notre endurance et améliore notre santé cardio-vasculaire. Voici un guide essentiel pour vous y mettre. Vous trouverez toutes les informations utiles pour partir du bon pied 12 programmes d’entraînement sur 15 semaines pour les marcheurs de tous les niveaux Des outils de planification Des trucs pour maintenir sa motivation Des conseils pour choisir le meilleur équipement

©2018 Éditions La Presse (P)2020 Vues et Voix

Length: 5 hrs and 28 mins
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Just Power Walking


This essential guide to walking for weight loss is perfect for starting new habits. Walking is a gr??t w?? t? im?r?v? ?r m?int?in your overall h??lth. Just Power Walking gives the listener basic concepts on how walking can help you lose weight and fat.  Ju?t 30 minut?? ?v?r? d?? can in?r???? ??rdi?v???ul?r fitn???, ?tr?ngth?n b?n??, r?du?? ?x???? body f?t, and b???t mu??l? power and endurance.  Why risk the possibility of overweight, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and even certain types of cancers? Doing something is key. Physical activity d??? n?t h?v? to b? vigorous or d?n? f?r l?ng periods in ?rd?r t? im?r?v? ??ur h??lth. Just Power Walking is a source of ideas to get you out of your house. Remember, it's just power walking!

©2019 Ann Vase (P)2019 Ann Vase

Narrator: Duane DeSalvo
Author: Ann Vase
Length: 45 mins
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The Camino Way


After finishing the Portuguese walk to Santiago on foot, the French walk from Roncesvalles to Santiago de Compostela by bike, and the English walk by bike, I thought about the next walk, and for several reasons and coincidences of life, I decided to do the most typical walk, the most crowded: the walk from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela on foot. The most recommendable walk if this is your first time.  As I have become a fan of audiobooks, I decided to make my third on the Santiago's Way and my sixth audiobook in general. In this audiobook, just like in the previous ones, I try to give advice to the traveler, both my own and from other hikers I have met, to enable you to complete the walk from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela in five days. I also tell my personal experience in these five stages and the people I have met, as well as the accommodation I recommend.

©2019 Alfonso Sales (P)2019 Alfonso Sales

Narrator: Jorge Gonzalez
Length: 28 mins
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Marcher pour se (re)trouver


Mettre un pied devant l'autre est chose naturelle, acquise... et gratuite ! Mais, à l'heure de la (très) grande vitesse, on marche aussi pour "cheminer" : en soi pour se délester de "poids" qui encombrent ; vers l'autre et la nature pour ouvrir son cœur et son esprit ; sur un plan spirituel... ALORS EN ROUTE ! Parce qu'elle marche "corps et âme", Odile Chabrillac sait nous prendre par la main et nous montrer tout ce que cheminer peut changer en nous : la liberté, l'allègement des pensées, le dynamisme, la créativité... On trouve tout cela, et bien plus encore, au bout de nos échappées pédestres ! Pascale Senk, auteure de L'Effet haïku. >> Ce livre audio en version intégrale vous est proposé en exclusivité par Audible et est uniquement disponible en téléchargement.

©2017 Leduc.s (P)2017 Audible Studios

Length: 4 hrs and 7 mins
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How to Walk Yourself Healthy and Happy


Walking is aerobic exercise; it is also the ‘superfood’ of exercise.  Most of us do it every day to varying degrees, and many of us do not fully appreciate the many proven benefits for the body and mind that you can get simply by taking regular walks.  Author Russ Williams – a UK based broadcaster – has been a walker for many years and noticed a distinct upturn in his physical and mental health as a result of walking regularly.  He researched and subsequently wrote this book to help people fully understand why walking is such an important way of exercising and to understand the many proven benefits of doing it for the mind and body. In his audiobook he shares the medical evidence and why you can reap the benefits without taking a big chunk out of your daily life and routine. How to Walk Yourself Healthy and Happy explains how walking can significantly help:  Blood pressure health Safe weight loss Control cholesterol levels Correct your posture Increase core muscle strength and flexibility Energy levels Ease back pain Control diabetes Encourage better brain health Tackle and solve sleep issues. Increase memory capacity Aid recovery from cancer treatment Post cardiac event recovery Reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke Issues and conditions of the menopause Reduce loneliness Improve mood and your state of mind Discover the many types of walking that you can do (14 in total!) – there really is a type of walking for everyone.  The audiobook shows you what to do and what not to do and explains why starting out modestly and increasing your walks and their intensity over time gives the most sustainable benefits to your health.

©2020 Russ Williams (P)2020 M-y Books Ltd

Narrator: Russ Williams
Length: 2 hrs and 31 mins
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3 ratings


A lyrical account of an activity that is essential for our sanity, equilibrium, and well-being, from the author of Silence.

Placing one foot in front of the other, embarking on the journey of discovery, and experiencing the joy of exploration - these activities are intrinsic to our nature. Our ancestors traveled long distances on foot, gaining new experiences and learning from them. But as universal as walking is, each of us will experience it differently. For Erling Kagge, it is the gateway to the questions that fascinate him - Why do we walk? Where do we walk from? What is our destination? - and in this audiobook, he invites us to investigate them along with him. 

Language reflects the idea that life is one single walk; the word journey comes from the distance we travel in the course of a day. Walking for Kagge is a natural accompaniment to creativity: the occasion for the unspoken dialogue of thinking. Walking is also the antidote to the speed at which we conduct our lives, to our insistence on rushing, on doing everything in a precipitous manner - walking is among the most radical things we can do.

©2019 Becky L. Crook (P)2019 Random House Audio

Narrator: Atli Gunnarsson
Length: 2 hrs and 35 mins
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Walking: Weight Loss Motivation


No matter how much time you spend on your work and family, there's no escaping the fact that you have to take care of yourself, too. Have you ever wished you could get up off the couch and get healthier? Don't wait - let Walking: Weight Loss Motivation give you the courage and energy you need to succeed today! You'll discover the many benefits of walking, both physical and mental. Walking: Weight Loss Motivation helps you understand when and where to walk, what to wear and how to get others involved in your healthy habit. It gives you the motivation you need to truly succeed! This book also helps you understand how to get the right nutrition for weight loss. If you watch what you eat, choose clean foods, and hydrate your body, you'll see even greater results in your walking habit. Learn what slimming foods you can try right now! In this book, you'll discover an amazing workout plan for losing weight and burning fat. These workouts will strengthen your abs, arms and thighs. You'll even find out about the after shower workout! Download this book now to find out how this simple and easy exercise can revitalize your life! You'll be so glad you did!

©2015 Healing Habits Publishing, LLC (P)2016 Healing Habits Publishing, LLC

Narrator: Gene Blake
Author: April Stride
Length: 2 hrs and 11 mins
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Walking in Winter on the Camino: A Pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago

1 rating


In the winter of 2018 I returned to Spain to finish the 500 mile, million step, pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. This is the story of my winter journey. Walking the Camino in winter has unique challenges as well as benefits.  The lessons learned in this book may be useful to anyone considering a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago, or any long-distance walk.

©2018 Brian Morrison (P)2018 Brian Morrison

Narrator: Brian Morrison
Length: 1 hr and 33 mins
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My Midsummer Morning

6 ratings


Financial Times Summer Book of 2019 Seasoned adventurer Alastair Humphreys pushes himself to his very limits - busking his way across Spain with a violin he can barely play. In 1935 a young Englishman named Laurie Lee arrived in Spain. He had never been overseas; had hardly even left the quiet village he grew up in. His idea was to walk through the country, earning money for food by playing his violin in bars and plazas.  Nearly a century later, the book Laurie Lee wrote - As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning - inspired Alastair Humphreys. It made him fall in love with Spain - the landscapes and the spirit - and with Laurie's style of travel. He travelled slow, lived simply, slept on hilltops, relished spontaneity, and loved conversations with the different people he met along the hot and dusty road.  For 15 years, Alastair dreamed of retracing Laurie Lee’s footsteps but could never get past the hurdle of being distinctly unmusical. This year, he decided to go anyway. The journey was his most terrifying yet, risking failure and humiliation every day, and finding himself truly vulnerable to the rhythms of the road and of his own life. But along the way, he found humility, redemption and triumph. It was a very good adventure.

©2019 Alastair Humphreys (P)2019 HarperCollins Publishers Limited

Length: 6 hrs and 33 mins
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In this original audio program, which will be a must-listen for the millions of You: On a Diet fans, Doctors Roizen and Oz bring their trademark style to the task of motivating and managing listeners as they adopt the 30-minute daily walk regimen at the heart of the YOU fitness philosophy. In You: On a Diet, Roizen and Oz repeatedly emphasize the need for a 30-minute daily walk in any weight-loss effort. In You: On a Walk, they provide listeners with the music and motivation they need to take that 30-minute walk and to make it worth their fitness while. You: On a Walk presents two complete, 30-minute walks, each at its own fitness level, and each set to music that is timed and paced accordingly. Accompanying the music is the authors' occasional commentary (inspiring, informative, and entertaining) designed to let listeners know more about walking and to keep them going for the entire 30 minutes. By summarizing key facts and elements from the book, the authors' commentary will serve as a refresher course in the You: On a Diet philosophy. Each walk is preceded by guided warm-up stretches and gradually rises and falls in pace, concluding with a cool-down period. Designed to appeal specifically to the millions of people who have already embraced the principles of You: On a Diet, You: On a Walk is the perfect and natural audio companion to the weight-loss phenomenon that is changing the way America eats and walks.

©2007 Michael F. Roizen M.D. and Mehmet C. Oz M.D. All rights reserved (P)2007 Simon and Schuster, Inc. All rights reserved.

Length: 2 hrs and 27 mins
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Walking for Fitness

2 ratings


Join the millions who are walking for fitness across the globe today! Does the thought of jogging around your neighborhood fill you with dread? Do you yearn to get fitter but don't want the expensive gym membership? Do you have little spare time but still have the inclination to get out and lose weight? Then this book could be for you! Taking those first steps on the road to fitness can be the hardest for many people. The thought of buying all that kit or spending hours down the gym can often be the most off putting. However there is something that we all do every day that can make us fitter and healthier without us even realizing. Yes that's right, it's walking. Just taking a few extra steps each day can have surprising results, even if you have never exercised before. Studies have shown that walking just for 20 minutes can have a positive effect on mood, improve heart health and blood pressure, not to mention burning calories and increasing your metabolism. Whatever the initial motivation, walking is a fun and rewarding pursuit. Here's a preview of what's inside: The health benefits of walking What you need to get started Nutrition and hydration Short or long distance waking tips Preparing and warming up Tips on staying safe and injury free Staying motivated Essential equipment And much more!

©2016 AFH Publishing (P)2016 AFH Publishing

Narrator: Dalton Lynne
Author: Faye Froome
Length: 1 hr and 13 mins
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Born to Walk (Booktrack Edition)


Born to Walk: Booktrack Edition adds an immersive musical soundtrack to your audiobook listening experience!* The humble act of putting one foot in front of the other transcends age, geography, culture, and class, and is one of the most economical and environmentally responsible modes of transit. Yet with our modern fixation on speed, this healthy pedestrian activity has been largely left behind. As a personal and professional crossroads, writer, editor, and obsessive walker, Dan Rubinstein travelled throughout the US, UK, and Canada to walk with people who saw the act not only as a form of transportation and recreation, but also as a path to a better world. There are no magic-bullet solutions to modern epidemics like obesity, anxiety, alienation, and climate change. But what if there is a simple way to take a step in the right direction? Combining fascinating reportage, eye-opening research, and Rubinstein’s own discoveries, Born to Walk explores how far this ancient habit can take us, how much repair is within range, and guarantees that you’ll never again take walking for granted. *Booktrack is an immersive listening experience that pairs traditional audiobook narration to complementary music and sound effects. The tempo and rhythm of the score are in perfect harmony with the action and characters throughout the audiobook. Gently playing in the background, the music never overpowers or distracts from the narration, so listeners can enjoy every minute. When you purchase this Booktrack edition, you receive the exact narration as the traditional audiobook available, with the addition of music throughout.

©2015 Dan Rubenstein (P)2018 ECW Press

Narrator: Braden Wright
Length: 10 hrs and 54 mins
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Walking the Himalayas

4 ratings


Winner of the Edward Stanford Adventure Travel Book of the Year 2016. From the best-selling author of Walking the Nile, explorer Levison Wood begins his next challenging adventure - walking the length of the Himalayas. Levison Wood's most challenging expedition yet begins along the Silk Road route of Afghanistan and travels through five countries. Following in the footsteps of the great explorers, Levison walks the entire length of the Himalayas in an adventure of survival and endurance. A personal story of discovery, Levison forges strong bonds with local guides, porters, mountain men, soldiers, farmers, smugglers and shepherds. By travelling on foot, and following the same footpaths that locals use, he uncovers stories that might otherwise remain hidden. Along the way he also reveals the history of the Himalayas and two millennia of exploration, and examines a continent in crisis in the 21st century. Packed with action and emotion, more than anything Walking the Himalayas is a story of personal adventure and striving beyond the limits of convention.

©2016 Levison Wood (P)2016 Hodder & Stoughton

Narrator: Levison Wood
Author: Levison Wood
Length: 8 hrs
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Walk Away the Pounds


Losing weight has never been easier or more fun than with Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds. For over 25 years, Leslie has helped more women get off the couch and onto their feet than anyone else in the fitness industry. Her secret? If you can walk, you can achieve the weight-loss goals you dream about...with none of the intimidation or negative messages that have stopped you from succeeding before. Whether you are a beginner or have been walking with Leslie for years, whether you are a teen or a senior or somewhere in between, you will see results. You will lose real weight, and keep it off; 20 pounds, 40, 60, or even more. All you need is 15 minutes a day for starters, two feet, and a willing attitude. There is no fancy equipment to buy, no fad diet to follow, and no fitness club to join. The revolutionary program in Walk Away the Pounds is designed to keep everybody on the path to success, especially those who have never been able to complete a weight-loss plan before. It's a simpler approach to fitness, one that can change your life. Leslie's step-by-step workbook format sets up the program day by day. You'll get a combination of in-home walking (that's right, you can do it right from the comfort of your own living room!), simple strength training, motivational breakthroughs, and common sense advice to help you burn fat, tone muscle, reduce stress, avoid illness, shake off the blues, and boost your energy level sky high. It's never been easier. Women all across America have dropped between 20 and 150 pounds with Leslie Sansone. Now you can too!

©2005 Walk Aerobics, Inc. (P)2005 Time Warner AudioBooks

Narrator: Leslie Sansone
Length: 3 hrs and 2 mins
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Cover art for A Walk in the Wood

A Walk in the Wood

3 ratings


The benefits of mindfulness are well recognized: greater peace of mind, less stress, and the opportunity to work through and transform thoughts, memories, and worries. It also fosters equanimity, helping us accept the changes and challenges life brings.   In our frantic world, who better to guide listeners through this transformative practice than a long-beloved bear who has perfected the art of simply being?  "Just two things to do to truly be Pooh - just be present and kind," he says.   And, not coincidentally, he lives in the woods. There is a growing acknowledgment of the benefits of deeply experiencing nature. The calming quality of sounds like running water and rustling leaves, the soothing properties of smells like lavender and chamomile, and the emotional comfort of beautiful natural vistas are well known.   A Walk in the Wood is both inspiring and instructive. Simple stories with clearly stated goals and easy-to-follow exercises provide all the tools you'll need to take the first step, or continue on your journey, toward a quieter and calmer way of living.

©2018 Dr. Joseph Parent (P)2018 HighBridge, a division of Recorded Books

Length: 2 hrs and 11 mins
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Cover art for Reservoir Year

Reservoir Year


On the eve of her 60th birthday, Nina Shengold embarks on a challenge: to walk the path surrounding the Catskills’ glorious Ashokan Reservoir every day for a year, at all times of day and in all kinds of weather, trying to find something new every time. Armed with lively curiosity, infectious enthusiasm, and renewed stubbornness, she hits the path every day with all five senses wide open, searching for details that glint. As Shengold explores the secrets of this spectacular place, she rediscovers the glories of solitude and an expanded community, both human and animal. Step by step, her reservoir walks rekindle connections with family, strangers, and friends, with a landscape she grows to revere, and with a new sense of self. Like the writings of John Burroughs, Annie Dillard, and Barry Lopez, Shengold’s reflections on her personal journey will resonate with outdoor enthusiasts and armchair hikers alike.  Quietly transformative, Reservoir Year encourages listeners to find their own ways to unplug and slow down, reconnecting with nature, reviving old passions, and sparking some new ones along the path.

©2020 Nina Shengold (P)2020 Syracuse University Press

Length: 10 hrs and 5 mins
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Cover art for Buen Camino: El camino de Santiago [Good Road: The Road to Santiago]

Buen Camino: El camino de Santiago [Good Road: The Road to Santiago]


Despues de hacer el Camino de Santiago portugues, el Camino frances desde Roncesvalles a Santiago de Compostela en bicicleta y el Camino ingles en bicicleta, me plantee mi siguiente camino y por varias razones y casualidades de la vida decidi hacer el camino mas tipico, el mas concurrido, el camino que va desde Sarria a Santiago de Compostela andando. El camino mas recomendable si es tu primer camino. En este pequeno audiolibro, asi como en los anteriores trato de dar consejos al viajante, consejos propios, consejos de caminantes que he conocido para poder hacer el camino de Sarria a Santiago de Compostela en 5 dias. Ademas cuento mi experiencia personal en estas 5 etapas y la gente que he conocido, asi como los alojamientos que aconsejo. Buen camino. Please note: This audiobook is in Spanish.

©2018 Crea y Creamusica SL (P)2018 Crea y Creamusica SL

Narrator: Alfonso Sales
Length: 27 mins
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Cover art for In the Land of Good Living

In the Land of Good Living

1 rating


A wickedly smart, funny, and irresistibly off-kilter account of an improbable thousand-mile journey on foot into the heart of modern Florida, the state that Russell calls "America Concentrate". In the summer of 2016, Kent Russell - broke, at loose ends, hungry for adventure - set off to walk across Florida. Mythic, superficial, soaked in contradictions, maligned by cultural elites, segregated from the South, and literally vanishing into the sea, Florida (or, as he calls it: "America Concentrate") seemed to Russell to embody America's divided soul. The journey, with two friends intent on filming the ensuing mayhem, quickly reduces the trio to filthy drifters pushing a shopping cart of camera equipment. They get waylaid by a concerned citizen bearing a rifle; buy cocaine from an ex-wrestler; visit a spiritual medium.  The narrative overflows with historical detail about how modern Florida came into being after World War II, and how it came to be a petri dish for life in a suddenly, increasingly diverse new land of minority-majority cities and of unrivaled ethnic and religious variety. Russell has taken it all in with his incomparably focused lens and delivered an audiobook that is both an inspired travelogue and a profound rumination on the nation's soul - and his own. It is an audiobook that is wildly vivid, encyclopedic, erudite, and ferociously irreverent - a deeply ambivalent love letter to his sprawling, brazenly varied home state.

©2020 Kent Russell (P)2020 Random House Audio

Narrator: Kent Russell
Author: Kent Russell
Length: 10 hrs and 7 mins
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