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The Psychology of High Self-Esteem

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A Life Changing Program for Personal Growth! How you feel about yourself crucially affects virtually every aspect of your life, especially how high in life you are likely to rise. Who and what you think you are shape all your responses. Self-esteem, therefore, becomes the key to success or failure. It is also the key to understanding yourself and others. In this outstanding audio program, the pioneering psychotherapist, Dr. Nathaniel Branden, details for you - in easy-to-understand language - the action, both mental and physical, you can take to advance your self-esteem and he self-esteem of others. His recommended strategies for building self-esteem have been thoroughly tested with the many thousands he has helped during his 30 years as a psychotherapist. You learn specific exercises and behaviors that will raise your self-esteem. You discover how to: Experience more joy in the sheer fact of being. Implement the four-step process that frees you from guilt. Gain insightful information that usually lies beyond your ordinary consciousness. Enhance your chances of forming relationships that are nourishing instead of destructive. “Live consciously” - the foundation for self-respect and self-confidence. Become more innovative, rather than ritualistic or tradition-bound, in your work. Expand the creative and spiritual areas of your life And much, much more! PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your Library section along with the audio.

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The Psychology of Self-Esteem

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From the moment it was published, The Psychology of Self-Esteem was recognized as a groundbreaking book that challenged and shook the very foundations of psychoanalysis and behaviorism. Dr. Branden's philosophy broke radically with the "mainstream" contemporary psychology of the time and set a new course for our studies and understanding of ourselves and our deepest natures. The genius of this benchmark work continues to shine through today, and its message continues to be of critical importance as we enter the 21st century. The Psychology of Self-Esteem presents a brilliant concept of the intertwining of human nature, mental health and illness, and the conditions necessary for the achievement of mental well-being. Here is the work that provided the genesis for so many concepts that today we take for granted. Here is an accessible, clear explanation of the true meaning of self-esteem, the relation of reason and emotion, the nature of free will, and the powerful impact of self-esteem on motivation, work, friendship, sex, and romantic love. This classic work is fresh, contemporary, and as vital and powerful as the day it was written. It remains a revolutionary contribution to man's understanding of himself.

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The Basic Principles of Objectivism

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The original, never-before-published lectures on Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism, by Nathaniel Branden, with a foreword by Barbara Branden and an epilogue by Dr. Branden.  These lectures systematized Rand's philosophy for the first time and created a philosophical movement.

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Length: 24 hrs and 15 mins
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Succeeding Through Inner Strength

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Self-esteem is the reputation you get with yourself. You develop this reputation through your actions. Competent, confident and courageous actions enhance self-esteem and build inner strength. Such experience leads to the conviction that you are competent to cope with the challenges of life - and the belief that you deserve happiness and success to be yours. The opposite is also true. Actions that sell yourself short, that take the easy road, that require less than your best effort chip away at your inner strength. You may fool others, but you never really fool yourself. In Succeeding Through Inner Strength, pioneering psychologist Nathaniel Branden explores self-esteem, its components, how to make it grow, and how, with enhanced self-esteem, you can move toward greater success and happiness in all areas of your life. What's good in your life? What still needs to be done? Dr. Branden begins with these two deceptively simple questions, to lead you through an exploration of your self-esteem. You examine the confidence you hold in your abilities, the responsibility you take for your actions, and the conviction that you maintain even in life's toughest moments. Dr. Branden encourages a level of awareness of your life that, in turn, improves both your relationship with yourself and all the relationships you share at home and at work. As your self-esteem grows you are better able to give and receive love, to express your emotional self more freely, and to accept the vulnerabilities, needs, and emotions of others. Succeeding Through Inner Strength is a "call to action". It is for anyone interested in building strength where it really matters, within.

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