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Autism: Sensory Overloaded by Emotions

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a sensual experience? Imagine magnifying that times 100. That is reality for many on the autism spectrum. This book talks about how people with autism balance sensory input issues with socializing and following unwritten social rules in the real world. The author examines how people with autism have physical and emotional sensory experiences throughout their life.  Travis explains how physical sensations interfere with his ability to process social situations. He wonders if autism is not more of a sensory disorder than it is a social disorder. Is it possible that sensory experiences interfere with the ability to conceptualize and interpret social situations? You will learn the author's opinion on this subject as well as begin to learn how he balances sensory input issues with following the unwritten social rules of the world.  Travis explains how he feels overwhelmed sensory wise by other people's emotions. He feels other people's emotions sometimes more than his own. This can cause him to overreact in responding to the emotions of his friends. Sometimes Travis' response to comfort someone is over the top to them because he is experiencing their emotion more magnified or dramatic than they are. Emotions are all about context. Emotions are also a spectrum, just like autism. There can be high-functioning and low-functioning emotions. It is important to understand the context of each emotion. Another person must match the context of your emotional response and then match that context with your social response.  Travis tells how he tries to learn to match context functioning levels of his friends' emotions with his in this informative book. If someone with autism seems socially awkward, it may be that they are having a sensory input experience that is preventing them from being proper socially. Often the sensory overload shuts down the social part of the brain, preventing people with autism from accessing skills that they might have.

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Narrator: Belinda Smith
Length: 57 mins
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ADHD and Adults: How to Live with, Improve, and Manage Your ADHD or ADD as an Adult

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Many consider ADHD or ADD to be associated with children, but it is actually quite common in adults also. Many adults unknowingly have ADHD and this can have a large impact on their quality of life, relationships, and work. Whether you have ADHD, are unsure, or have a close relationship with an adult with ADHD, this book will be able to educate and help you some more. You will soon discover exactly what ADHD is, and how it effects adults. You will learn tips and techniques to help you understand and manage the condition better. Here is what you'll learn about.... What is ADHD or ADD? Signs and symptoms of ADHD Causes of ADHD in adults How ADHD is diagnosed Treatments for ADHD How to live with ADHD Much, much more!

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Narrator: Belinda Smith
Length: 35 mins
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20 Most Powerful Excel Conditional Formatting Techniques!


An Excel spreadsheet can vary in size - from a few rows and columns to a large number of printed pages. No matter the size, the derived results or trends produced from the analysis are important. So, why are these values hidden in some spreadsheets if the trends or results are the primary goal?   Searching for the result by scrolling through all the information on an Excel spreadsheet can be overwhelming. You might get tired and then decide to give up, which will not only affect you but can affect other people viewing the spreadsheet. You need the result and trend of your analysis to be made clear.  The only way to overcome the problem of hidden results and trends is to use Excel conditional formatting. Our audiobook will walk you through the 20 Most Powerful Excel Conditional Formatting Techniques to make your work easy. Utilizing conditional formatting in Excel will: Reduce the time spent on tedious tasks Allow for more in-depth analysis Allow cells within a particular spreadsheet to be automatically formatted in accordance with what is in the cell

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Narrator: Belinda Smith
Length: 34 mins
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Learning to Live with OCD and Anxiety

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Are you the type of person who likes everything to be clean to a fault and arranged in a specific order? Do you find yourself fretting about those things or not being able to sleep if items are out of place? While with some individuals this is simply normal behavior, in others, it could be a symptom of obsessive compulsive disorder, or OCD for short. Today, OCD affects one in 50 Americans. The obsessive thoughts and compulsions relating to this disorder impact approximately four million people in the USA alone. It can afflict anyone regardless of age, gender, or socioeconomic status. Even Hollywood stars have admitted to suffering from this disorder. While serious, and even grave if ignored, it is treatable. Written with first hand knowledge, Learning to Live with OCD and Anxiety explains what OCD is, the symptoms that manifest within each of the different types, and the various treatments available. All while debunking the various myths surrounding the disorder.

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Narrator: Belinda Smith
Length: 1 hr and 56 mins
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The Ultimate Meal Prep & Healthy Eating Book Bundle


Learn about the eight best diets of the 21st century and find what works best for you and discover meal prepping: the number-one tool for busy people seeking a healthy lifestyle! Two audiobooks in one!   

Audiobook one: The 8 Best Diets of the 21st Century

Fad diets come and go like the changing seasons. They go in and out of style. As soon as you think you’ve found the best one, there’s a new one arising that everyone is claiming is the be-all and end-all. What makes matters worse is that medicine can’t always agree on the best approaches to dieting and weight loss. There are so many factors involved and so many conflicting opinions - it’s enough to make your head spin. So how do you choose? 

This audiobook seeks to help you make sense of all the conflicting information out there by compiling a list of the eight highest-rated diets of the 21st century. Many criteria have been considered when compiling this list, including: 


Consumer satisfaction with the diet

Consumer success

Medical recommendation

Research and scientific data

Safety and easiness of execution

By listening to this audiobook, you’ll be able to compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of each of the diets included in this list, and you’ll be able to start to think about which one might align with your lifestyle and goals the most. 

For each of the eight diets that are examined in this audiobook, you will learn: 

What the benefits and risks are that are associated with the diet

How to get the most out of the diet

What you can and cannot eat on the diet

The biological and scientific explanation of the diet (where applicable) 

Audiobook two: Meal Prepping for Weight Loss

No more pit stops at those unhealthy restaurants on your way home from work. No more unhealthy takeout or stacks of pizza boxes. No more excuses. This audiobook proves to you that healthy eating and weight loss does not have to require a lot of time or effort. It can be quick and painless with meal prepping! Not only will your bathroom scale thank you, but your wallet will, too! 

This audiobook teaches you everything you need to know to maximize your time in the kitchen so you only have to cook a few times per week, and you’ll have delicious and healthy meals for the whole family ready at any moment to last you through the week. 

This audiobook is ideal for: 

People with a busy schedule

People who want to lose weight

People who want to improve their health

People who want to free up more time in their week

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Length: 8 hrs and 24 mins
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DIY Natural Melt and Pour Soap Crafting


DIY Natural Melt and Pour Soap Crafting Ultimate Guide to Making & Selling Colorful Natural Soaps  Paraben, Sulfate and Triclosan are some of the ingredients in commercial soap that I never questioned until I began making soap at home. That’s when my curiosity got the best of me. After finding just these three, I wanted to call a truce to look for dangerous additives in what I used (and worse yet, my children used) to clean. That’s when I thought I found the fourth one. Fragrance! How in the world could something that sounds as harmless as fragrance possibly damage your skin? How wrong I was. The definition of fragrance was a far cry in meaning than the one on the soap label. I began making soap because it was a fun hobby I could share with my children. I continued because it morphed into a successful small business. But I’m now compelled to continue knowing that I’m contributing to the health of my family. Before we get into the actual soap making, I do share my findings about just these four potentially harmful ingredients found in too many soaps and body washes. I am sure you will be shocked to read it. 

©2017 Shabbir Hossain (P)2017 Shabbir Hossain

Narrator: Belinda Smith
Length: 1 hr and 49 mins
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